Bashasthan Engineering Ltd (BEL) has been established in 2010.A board of Directors comprising of one chairman, one Managing Director, 4 (four) Directors manage the firm as a limited company. The Directors are experienced professionals who maintain liaison with clients and render services when necessary. Senior key personnel’s assist them in making decisions & other project works. A good number of junior level professionals & supporting technical staff provide support to senior professionals. There are also supports staff in the office to manage official works. For financial transactions & to keep accounts of the company there is an account wing under competent Account officers. We take assistance of reputed & national experts of the country at the time of need.

Zaman Construction is the sister concern of the company who have successfully completed construction of a good nos. of high rise and remarkable buildings since 1990. It has got fully equipped construction equipments & materials. A group of dedicated Engineers & workers are associated with the company. As Mr.Anisuzzaman Bhuiyan Rana, owner of Zaman Construction is the Chairman of Bashasthan Engineers Ltd. so performance in works, assets, finance and other credentials are incorporated with Bashasthan Engineering Ltd, through legal Agreement.
The firms main objective is to provide good quality engineering services in survey, investigation, planning, design, construction supervision &project management Engineers and other professionals who have good academic records, good previous skill performance in planning, design, construction supervision & project management. They are readily available to provide services this type of projects. Other logistic supports many also be provided where necessary. The company “Zaman Construction was started making significant contribution as contractor in the field of Govt. Construction sector (Construction of SAARC Meteorological Research center (SMRC) building at Agargaon, construction of permanent Hajj camp at Ashkona, Uttara, Gang way at Bangladesh High court etc. under P.W.D). Engr. M. Anisuzzaman Bhuiyan Rana, The Managing Director and Proprietor of the company with his profound experience (construction and installation of high voltage substation at Ishurdi, Rangpur, Bogra, Comilla, Feni,Sreemongal, Sylhet, Mymensing, Kighorgong, Jamalpur including switching station at Shahjibazar power station under P&D circle BPDB etc.) had been carried out the projects since before the company was formed.
Managing Director Engineer M. Anisuzzaman Bhuiyan Rana started his carrier as a consultant as well as contractor in the field of Govt. sector and had worked on 132/33 KV Sub-Station, Power house & 33 KV switching station including control room building etc. In july-1992 he became Managing Director & also chairman’s of The Engineers & Consultants Ltd a leading firm in Bangladesh since august -1972. And also A sister concern of Bashasthan Engineers & Consultants Ltd (BECL) has been established in 2012 with a view to serving the nation by rendering consulting services in the field of roads & bridges, highways, multistoried buildings, town planning, water ways, environmental project, power sector, airport development and similar other projects. To provide these services, a good no of professionals from different fields have been associated with this firm. This firm is enriched with senior professional who possess wide experience in the field of High rise building, roads, highways, medium & long span bridges, culverts, overpass, underpass, road intersections and similar works. These professionals have well experience in feasibility study, planning, design & construction, supervision of multistoried building, highway & bridge projects. They have also earned good reputation in quality works.
Besides civil engineers, electrical & Mechanical Engineers having successful completion of road & bridge projects are associated with the firm. They are also capable to provide necessary services in their fields. A strong IT Team comprising of IT experts is engaged to provide solution.

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